Why Glamping Hub

At Glamping Hub, we believe that connections should be genuine, work should be pleasurable, and life should be enjoyed. Through vivid and meaningful experiences, we want to help glampers disconnect from their daily routine and try something new, while embracing what the great outdoors has to offer alongside the ones they love.
98,000 glampers
59,000+ Reviews
35,000+ accommodations
27 different types of glamping
115 countries

Our Guests

When planning a vacation, our guests want a truly memorable experience. Whether it's a weekend getaway with the family or a romantic trip with a partner, guests know when booking through us they are guaranteed a unique, authentic accommodation built with integrity and love.

4.8/5 Based on 59,000 reviews

Glamping for couples

Kenzie and Jack

Santa Monica, CA
"Coming to an incredible place like this and getting away from all the noise really reenergizes you. A trip like this really gives you a new perspective on things.” View the safari tent
Glamping Hub guests in front of yurt

Siobhan, Richard, Tommy and Oscar

San Francisco, CA
"I grew up on a farm, so my kids were used to spending time around animals and in nature. Since we moved to the city, we’ve missed this so much! This trip was magical; we got to connect with each other as a family without any screens or other distractions" View the yurt
Glamping for families

Rami, Shantel and friends

San Diego, CA
"Pulling up to this A-frame and seeing it for the first time was just mesmerizing. We had such a lovely stay here with great friends; we got to spend quality time together without any distractions in this beautiful place" View the A-frame

Our Hosts

Our hosts have more to offer than just a place to stay—they offer an opportunity for guests to reconnect to what is most important. While glamping, guests are able to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the people they love, while appreciating the passion and care that the hosts have invested in their extraordinary properties.
Glamping Hub host with yurt in California


Occidental, CA
“There is nothing more important to me than providing the opportunity for my Glamping Hub guests to reconnect and recharge through the peace and quiet of nature. I love offering my Enchanted Forest Yurt and Redwood Cottage to people who lead busy lives full of modern distractions because nature heals us all.” View the yurt
Glamping Hub hosts in front of tree house


Idyllwild, CA
"Being a Glamping Hub host means we get to share what we worked so very, very hard on with other people. We've put our heart and soul into everything, and are hands-on owners, it is a family business that I run with my wife Kelly and our three daughters and we love what we do." View Aframe Cabin
Glamping Hub host with safari tent


Warner Springs, CA
"I am a woodworker, and my wife Laurie is an artist, and we built our safari tent together. We love being hosts with Glamping Hub and providing guests and their pets with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It truly is our dream job!" View the safari tent

Featured in

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USA today
“A new wave of private campgrounds makes it easier than ever to go glamping — short for luxury or glamorous camping. Travelers can spend a night in an upscale tipi, a vintage Airstream trailer or a designer treehouse.” Read more
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