Who we are

With more than 35,000 listings, Glamping Hub is the leading online booking platform for unique outdoor accommodations. More importantly, Glamping Hub is family, and we share a passion for getting back to nature—in style.
Glamping Hub employees in office
Glamping Hub employees in office
Glamping Hub employees in office

A brief history of Glamping Hub

Accommodation photos at Glamping Hub office Glamping Hub was launched in 2013 as a resource for the glamping industry and became a fully functional booking platform in 2014. Made up of more than 10 different nationalities, our global, 80-person team works from two offices: one in Seville, Spain, and the other in Denver, Colorado. We are committed to providing you with the best possible glamping experience, along with superior customer service.
Company was founded
Became a fully functional booking platform
Mar, 2017
Opened a second office in Denver, Colorado
Jun, 2017
Named one of The Best Spanish Start-Ups by Actualidad Economica
Dec, 2017
Hit 20,000 published accommodations on the website
Aug, 2018
Hit 35,000 published accommodations on the website

Featured in

The Economist
“With 75 staff (and 25 in a second office in Denver) and triple-digit annual sales growth since it was founded in 2013, [Glamping Hub] is the creation of David Troya. Raising finance has taken longer than it does in California, he says. But venture-capital funds and the supply of risk capital are now expanding fast in Spain.” Read more
“[T]he lesson we learned was to embrace the uniqueness, and it wasn't long before the consumer in the U.S. market embraced it as well. So instead of running away from the idea of being unique, we ran towards it" "In 2014, the trends in travel were changing. [...] And we saw a gap in the people searching the word glamping and there being a place to see multiple options. There was no single platform where hosts could list their glamping site and guests could book.” Read more
“Ruben Martinez, co-founder of travel site Glamping Hub, says his customers are those who want to sleep under the stars, without having to sleep on the ground. Martinez adds that families and older travelers tend to gravitate toward the easier lifestyle of glamping, while still getting to experience nature.” Read more
“It may be a newer term [...] but a luxurious camping experience is a pretty common vacation request these days. [Glamping Hub] has seen an explosion of interest and today, [...] has an average of 10,000 booking requests a month, according to Armstrong. The site offers access to over 35,000 properties worldwide, each featuring a rare or novel setting, while providing easy access to nature.” Read more