Types of Glamping

From barns and cabins, to tree houses and caves, there are all sorts of types of glamping. You’ll find each one described below, along with a link to start browsing through each one. While each of them is unique and distinct in its own way, you can count on unique structures and an incomparable access to nature.

Tree Houses

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Tree houses are not just for kids! Built high in the branches of a tree, a tree house is a typically wooden structure that utilizes the shapes of the trunk and the strongest boughs to create a horizontal space in ...

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Historically built to withstand the long winters of Mongolia, the elements are easily shaken off by this crafty structure. A yurt has a low, wide, cylindrical base that is constructed with expandable sections of wooden latticework. The roof is a ...

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Safari Tents

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The idea of the safari tent was probably imagined hundreds of years ago. Kings, nomads, hunters and vacationers alike have found good use of this sensible and portable lodging. Today, safari tents are the premier lodging for upscale African safari ...

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Road trips are an almost universal holiday tradition, and campervans have been there since the idea was born. A miniature house on wheels, the campervan can be anything from a modest bedroom to a luxurious multi-room arrangement with a kitchen ...

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The tipi, commonly traced back to the migratory American Indians, is an ingeniously simple compilation of only a few raw materials. Wooden poles erected in a triangular shape and tied together at the top form the skeleton of the structure. ...

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Domes are modern constructions in the shape of, well, a dome. They can be constructed from a combination of materials including wood, iron and steel or first-rate technology, such as high resistance PVC-Polyester fabric. Most, if not all domes, are ...

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Pods are the ultimate glamping choice. With a wooden, semi-circle shape, they are built entirely of local, natural, or recycled resources. Pods provide excellent protection from wind and rain alike while still retaining a cozy and homey feel inside. Their ...

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Nature Lodges

106 accommodations in the hub

Nature lodges are multi-unit structures like hotels, resorts, and lodges, located in nature and surrounded by wilderness. Booking a nature lodge allows glampers to feel completely immersed in the natural landscape while still enjoying all of the comforts one expects ...

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29 accommodations in the hub

It might sound a bit, well, cave-man, to stay in a cave, but these natural underground spaces transport you back to a simpler time without advanced technology. Beds, tables and lanterns are added to create a cozy and comfortable stay. ...

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23 accommodations in the hub

Barns were originally constructed as agricultural buildings on farms that held anything from crops to livestock like cows, pigs, chickens, horses and more. But these restored and refurbished barns have been turned into quite comfortable and luxurious accommodations for the ...

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Huts can be made of straw, wood, snow, stone, grass, palm leaves, ice, branches, hides or fabric. As you can see, they have a wide variety of materials used as well as environments that those materials are specific for. They ...

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An igloo is a dome-shaped house, usually built of blocks of solid snow. They were originally built by the Inuit, the indigenous people of the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and the United States. They used to use whalebone and ...

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822 accommodations in the hub

A “cabin” in the glamping world is not just your run-of-the-mill, taxidermy-filled wooden bungalow or pre-fab Lincoln Log shelter. Take the Tent Cabin, for example. Solid timber walls and flooring provide a barrier between you and the elements, but the ...

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Cabooses were used in the olden days as relatively comfortable accommodations on trains. They were placed at the end of a freight train and had many functions including providing shelter for the crew or other passengers, serving as a conductor’s ...

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61 accommodations in the hub

Villas are luxurious country residences, usually on the larger size. In Roman times, only the elite or very upper-class citizens lived in villas but after the fall of the Roman Empire, they took on a different function. They became small ...

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25 accommodations in the hub

Sleeping in a tent is the ultimate way to connect with the world around you. You'll have a front-row seat to the beautiful surroundings, and at night, you can let nature's sounds sing you to sleep. With real beds and ...

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A one-story house, cottage or cabin. Bungalows are generally small in terms of square footage, but it is not uncommon to see very large bungalows. Bungalows were originally designed to provide affordable, modern housing for the working class.

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Bell Tents

26 accommodations in the hub

Bell tents can be defined as cone-shaped tents with a single central supporting pole. Make your childhood dreams come true by booking a beautiful bell tent decked out with luxurious amenities. With real beds, nightstands, and light, leave your sleeping ...

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199 accommodations in the hub

Tucked away from everything else, cottages provide the ultimate retreat. Cottages are defined as an accommodation made of brick and mortar, or stone, but they are not made of wood. Though they are typically found in the countryside, they can ...

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Funky and eclectic, glamping in a caravan is a unique way to enjoy the world around you. Usually made of wood and tucked right into nature, caravans could be used to classify covered wagons, gypsy caravans, roulottes, or trailers. They ...

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20 accommodations in the hub

Glamping on water involves a structure either floating directly on the water or supported above water level by columns or stilts of some sort. Whether it’s an anchored houseboat, a yacht, or a floating cabin, glamping on water brings a ...

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Tented Cabins

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Structured like a cabin but with the feel of a tent, these tented cabins are the perfect mix of luxury and camping. Tented cabins are partially made of wood and partially made of canvas, and the structure itself resembles both ...

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Elevated Cabins

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Elevated cabins are defined as a cabin that is raised up on posts or stilts on either land or water. Take your vacation up a notch—literally—by staying in an elevated cabin. With unique views and a new perspective, glamping in ...

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Why rent a villa on an island when you can go one step further? This category takes the idea of luxury camping to another level, giving glampers the chance to rent not just a beautiful island accommodation, but to actually ...

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Log Cabins

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These cabins are made from whole or split logs. Nothing says comfort, relaxation, and escape quite like one of these cabins does. Rent a log cabin with a big group of friends, or plan a romantic getaway for two. However ...

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Towers can be defined as tall, narrow structures that may stand apart from or be attached to another structure. This includes lighthouses, windmills, silos, and lookout towers. When these structures are seamlessly tucked into nature, it makes for a lovely ...

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A-Frame Cabins

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Turn your next cabin vacation into one to really remember by staying in a unique A-frame cabin like no other. A-frame cabins feature steeply angled sides to give the accommodation the form of the letter A. With its stylish shape, ...

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