The Pet-Friendly Y-app You Need in 2017

By David Pope

Wondering what that sound you can hear in the distance is? Is it a woof? Is it a bark? No, it's actually a Bauwow—the newest y-app that you and your pup definitely need to download in 2017.

Bauwow is a free social-networking app for dogs (yes, you read that correctly), although owners may have to lend their thumbs to the cause. It can be ruff out there for a dog, but Bauwow is the first all-in-one interactive community for canine companions, bringing together a network of tools and information designed to keep every dog’s tail wagging. Each owner creates the profile on behalf of their dogs, so the app is fur-ever in the paws of pooches.

Interested in checking out pet-friendly glamping rentals like this one in your area? Bauwow's got you covered even when you're on the go! </FONT SIZE>

As well as being able to find new fur-iends, users can let the app direct them to a range of dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and activities, as well as plenty of dog-friendly accommodation rentals. There's even a large selection of pet-friendly glamping rentals that you and your pup can scan through together, courtesy of your friends in adventure and getaways, Glamping with Pets.

With Bauwow, pups can build up a network of furry friends in their area and organize play dates, as well as keep up to date with the latest pet-friendly news in the neighborhood. There's even a specialized tool for keeping track of your canine companion's vet treatments and immunizations!

With all this and more (plus plenty of content from your favorite pet-friendly glamping site) Bauwow is the number one app that you and your furry family member need to download in 2017!

Interested in the y-app of the year? Check out Bauwow here, and for more pet-friendly glamping rentals and outdoor destinations, head over to Glamping with Pets, or check out our blog for more pet-friendly tips and tricks!