Pet Spotlight: Don't Lose Hope

By Ffion Matthews

Continuing to care for canines, Barks of Love are still hard at work trying to find homes for their shelter dogs. Here at Glamping with Pets we are a sucker for lending a helping paw and spreading the word for this great cause.


This cute little lady is Hope, she is a ten-year-old Chihuahua looking for a home in California. Her life was saved as she was removed from her shelter that was going to euthanize her the following day. Barks of Love didn't lose Hope, and had her re-evaluated, where it was discovered there was a misdiagnosis of her illnesses and treatment was possible. It appears there was a lot more fight for this little one.

The kind-hearted vet gave her the care and time she needed to show she is a tough cookie. Now, with the right medication, she is ready for a forever home.


Hope really is a Chih-wow-hua with her strong spirit shining through in her older age. Do not be fooled by her petite size, as she has a big heart and lots of love to give. If you want a chance to provide Hope with a much-needed place to rest her paws, have a look at her profile here.

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