Roaming Freely with The Great Outdogs

By Guest

Glamping with your dog is all about staying in some of the most unique, luxury retreats from around the world while still having nature in your backyard. So, there’s no doubt that while pet-friendly glamping, you and your canine companion will be up for some daytime adventures. Packing for an adventure is something that is second nature to most outdoor enthusiasts, but packing for our canine companions requires a little more thought. Luckily, we found a brand that is ready to help you bridge the gap between the comfort of your staycation destination and the great outdoors.

The Great Outdogs is an outdoor lifestyle company focused on inspiring fellow outdoor enthusiasts and their canine companions to explore the world together (and they make some scrumptious dog food products as well!). Every adventurer knows the importance of staying adequately hydrated and fueled during our adventures, and we know that it’s no different for our canine companions. That’s why The Great Outdogs created the OUT Bar, a meal replacement bar designed to feed your dog real food on the go. This premium dog food bar is the perfect portable meal solution for every glamper with an adventurous dog. When packing for your next glamping trip, simply pack a box of OUT Bars and you’re good to go. For details about all the bells and whistles packed into the amazing OUT Bar, check out

Aside from its unique line of outdoor-oriented dog food products, The Great Outdogs prides itself on its community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and their canine companions. If this sounds like you then be sure to check out their Instagram @thegreatoutdogs to find gorgeous pictures shared by thousands of adventurers around the world. Once you find the perfect glamping retreat for you and your dog, bust out that camera and share your adventures with the world.

Why not try out some of The Great Outdogs' luxury products and go pet-friendly glamping in a stylish getaway like this?

Want to check out more from The Great Outdogs? You can visit them here. While you're at it, why not take their products for a spin and go pet-friendly glamping near hiking trails? You can also see more great tips, tricks, and destinations on our blog!

Shelter from the Storm: Finding Animal Shelters near You

By Polly Durbin

Glamping with Pets has written previously about the incredible, and sadly necessary work, of animal shelters throughout the country. These guys work tireless to help forgotten, homeless, and rescued animals find a happy home, and with Animal, finding the closest one to you has never been easier. So, if you're looking to add a furry friend to your home or a canine companion to your family, why not check these guys out?

A handy search function on their main page allows you to search for your perfect puppy playmate or future feline friend

With 8,506 shelters on file at the time of writing, this organization is the must-visit site for anyone looking to adopt. They list reputable shelters in every state of the U.S., as well as in Canada, all of which can be seen here.

They run a similar service for vets, matching you to the closest of their 21,000 vets in your area so you can always get the care your fur-baby needs, as well as for kennel and doggy day-care agencies.

Once you've taken the plunge and adopted a new furry friend, why not spoil them (and yourself!) with a weekend getaway to a pet-friendly glamping rental near you? Just like these ones below, our listings at Glamping with Pets are sure to get tails wagging!

In the mood to spoil your new adoptee or fostered furry friend? Why not check out some pet-friendly glamping rentals over at Glamping with Pets, or have a look at our blog for tips and tricks for spending quality time with pets

The Pet-Friendly Y-app You Need in 2017

By David Pope

Wondering what that sound you can hear in the distance is? Is it a woof? Is it a bark? No, it's actually a Bauwow—the newest y-app that you and your pup definitely need to download in 2017.

Bauwow is a free social-networking app for dogs (yes, you read that correctly), although owners may have to lend their thumbs to the cause. It can be ruff out there for a dog, but Bauwow is the first all-in-one interactive community for canine companions, bringing together a network of tools and information designed to keep every dog’s tail wagging. Each owner creates the profile on behalf of their dogs, so the app is fur-ever in the paws of pooches.

Interested in checking out pet-friendly glamping rentals like this one in your area? Bauwow's got you covered even when you're on the go!

As well as being able to find new fur-iends, users can let the app direct them to a range of dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and activities, as well as plenty of dog-friendly accommodation rentals. There's even a large selection of pet-friendly glamping rentals that you and your pup can scan through together, courtesy of your friends in adventure and getaways, Glamping with Pets.

With Bauwow, pups can build up a network of furry friends in their area and organize play dates, as well as keep up to date with the latest pet-friendly news in the neighborhood. There's even a specialized tool for keeping track of your canine companion's vet treatments and immunizations!

With all this and more (plus plenty of content from your favorite pet-friendly glamping site) Bauwow is the number one app that you and your furry family member need to download in 2017!

Interested in the y-app of the year? Check out Bauwow here, and for more pet-friendly glamping rentals and outdoor destinations, head over to Glamping with Pets, or check out our blog for more pet-friendly tips and tricks!

Pet Spotlight: A Diamond in the Ruff

By David Pope

It is said that every dog has their day—but sometimes they need a little help to get there. Our eternal friends-in-fur over at Barks of Love do a lot of great work with their shelter for underprivileged pups and disadvantaged dogs, and run a successful foster program. We'd like to take the opportunity to help them out a bit with this terrier-ific cause with a spotlight on one of their longer-term residents in search of a forever home.

Meet Diamond, a loveable pit bull mix taken in by Barks of Love in October 2015, at the age of one. She was found roaming the streets of Orange Country, before being taken into her temporary foster family home.

What her foster parents didn't know, however, was that Diamond was pregnant at the time she was rescued. Her nine puppies were all successfully delivered, and subsequently adopted out to their forever families. Diamond is still looking for her permanent home, so if you're a resident of Orange County, why not consider adding a furry friend to your family?

Diamond is a very sweet pup, and good with people. She is quick to trust, and still playful, given her young age. Readers interested in learning more can check out her page here.

There's surely merit in the old adage, diamonds are a girl's (or a guy's) best friend!

Already adopted Diamond, or interested in spoiling your own furry friend near Orange County? Why not check out these luxury glamping destinations below.

In the mood to spoil your new adoptee or fostered furry friend? Why not check out some pet-friendly glamping rentals over at Glamping with Pets, or have a look at our blog for tips and tricks for spending quality time with pets.

Must-See Pet-Friendly Places in 2017

By David Pope

Whether your new year's resolution for 2017 is to travel more, spend time with loved ones, or do something unique and new, Glamping with Pets has got you covered. Even if it's none of these, you should definitely consider checking out these pet-friendly places and glamping destinations anyway, because they are sure to make for a great 2017 for both you and your pet.

These pet-friendly rentals are the best way to make the most of the new year, and with more unique, luxury accommodations being added every day, there's no reason to wait, so why not roam freely today!

Pet-Friendly Riverfront Cabin with Salt-Water Pool in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Glampers can tick off a few things from their 2017 bucket list after staying at this spectacular, pet-friendly cabin rental near Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

An in-ground salt water pool, sumptuous hot tub, outdoor bathroom overlooking the Toccoa River, and outdoor daybed complete the gentle majesty of this place. This is definitely one of our top picks for the year!

Luxurious, Pet-Friendly Tent Cabin with Fenced Deck and Yard, California

Two glampers and as many pets as they want to bring are welcome to this elegant, pet-friendly safari tent near San Diego.

The rental is made of recycled native cedar trees, and comes with a luxurious and fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. There is even an outdoor charcoal grill with a pizza oven attachment. With all this and more, we can't really see a reason to not glamp here!

Pet-Friendly Yurt in National Recreation Area, Northern California

Looking for a unique way to start off 2017? Then this pet-friendly yurt in California is probably the end of your searching. Families and small groups will feel right at home here, with space for up to six happy glampers, plus furry friends.

An outdoor hot tub also means that even if you head there right away, cozy toastiness is guaranteed.

Pet-Friendly Tree House Rental with Stunning Views on Coast of Maine

We all want to begin the year with a flying start, and this pet-friendly tree house in Maine is about as close to doing this literally with accommodation as is possible.

The two structures of this rental are connected by a wooden bridge stretching through the trees, connecting the bedroom to the living and kitchen space, with stunning views of Maine's coastal plains and waterways in every direction.

Pet-Friendly, Luxury Safari Tent Rentals on Greenwell Point, New South Wales

"Visit Australia" is something that has appeared on new year resolutions ever since the concept began, so what better way to do it than with this pet-friendly safari tent set near Wollongong.

Each of these rentals has a private, ensuite bathroom, as well as a barbecue and access to a kitchen, meaning that glampers and pets will feel the comforts of home in the heart of nature.

Pet-Friendly Cabin Rental near the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Discover America's heartland this year, with the help of this charming, restored barn rental open to pets in Arizona. One and a half fenced in acres make this a dog's paradise, with plenty of open space to play around in under the big open sky above.

Unique, Pet-Friendly Airstream Rental in Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Central Colorado

On Cloud 9 with the beginning of the new year? Well, you can keep that feeling going with this tail-happy Airstream trailer, found 8,100 feet above sea level in the Colorado mountains.

Guests will find the star-gazing here to be like nothing else, with a bright clear sky perfect for enjoying next to the fire pit.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Why not take a look at our other pet-friendly glamping destinations over at Glamping with Pets, or check out our blog for more pet-friendly travel tips, tricks, and accommodations.